Craft Beer

There's a reason we've won Top 100 Beer Bars by Draft Magazine for four years in a row. We're built on craft beer. Our 14 taps allow us to craft our beer offering with selectivity - giving you options by style - so you can taste the best American craft beers on the market. We've also got a refurbished 1936 Gaskell & Chambers beer engine so you can try some unique cask ales served at cellar temperatures and hand-pumped, just like they're meant to be.

At Growlers Pourhouse, we think of ourselves like our brewing counterparts - we're select, we take pride in what we offer, and we flat out love our beer. Visit us again and again to taste our choice craft beer and the great "beer food" we serve with it. Whether you're a beer aficionado, or you've just started getting into it, join us the first Tuesday of every month for Beer Ed. It's free, it starts at 7pm, and while the topic shifts a bit, it's always really just about beer. If you want to learn more about the styles of beer we carry, here's the spot to click for our Style Guide. And if you want to follow what's on tap, find us on facebook/growlerspourhouse.

DID YOU KNOW? You can now purchase and refill growlers at Growlers Pourhouse! That's right, either buy one of our growlers or bring your own clean growler - and we'll fill it up for you to take home. We've just started offering this growler fill service because of the change in NC law. Want to learn more about the change? Click here.

Come by any Thursday evening for "Growler Night" - where you can bring your own clean growler and get $6 off your refill. OR, get a FREE growlers growler with the purchase of any fill.

WHAT IS A GROWLER ANYWAY? It is a larger vessel (often approximately 64oz though it can vary) to carry craft beer. It is called a growler because of the hissing sound they used to make when you used to opened them.